How to Safely Use Sex Toys

It’s very possible that almost everything you’re doing with your favorite sex toys is all wrong. Chances are you’ve been making those mistakes for quite some time.

You may not think there’s a real art to sex toys and how you use them, but there is. Sure, any amateur can figure out what goes where and how to push a few buttons, but there’s so much more you should consider when purchasing and using adult products and toys.

A variety of sex toys

Choosing the right sex toy for you and/or your partner’s needs

If you’re like most impulse shoppers, you’ve probably been buying your sex toys based on non-essential features such as looks and price. The desire to spend less or have toys that “look cool” is understandable, but with experience comes the knowledge that lower-end toy models tend to lack in all the main areas your body will thank you for focusing on.

Figuring out what kind of sex toy you should buy may not be as easy as you think. Frankly, there’s so many adult products and sex toys on the market that we couldn’t address them all in a single blog post even if we tried. Some of the more common types of sex toys people enjoy are:

  • Dildos and strap-ons
  • Vibrators & massagers
  • Anal plugs
  • Cockrings
  • Male masturbators

Many of these products can be enjoyed both solo and with a partner. Determining how you would like to enhance your sexual pleasure will ultimately inform the type of sex toy you should consider. So talk it over with your partner. Experiment. As with most things, openness and communication is key.

Ensure your sex toys are made from safe materials

“Body-Safe” sex toys are those that are non-toxic, ideally nonporous, and made of natural materials such as metal, wood, and glass, or silicone. These toys are best known to combat the chances of bacteria and yeast.

Choose the right lubrication

Lubricants are a body’s best friend, especially for women. Proper lubrication makes vaginal and anal insertion easier and more comfortable. Lube can also be a big help to those whose bodies may not be able to produce enough natural glide. Intimate lubes come in a variety of types, and even flavors.

Slow down & communicate

Everybody’s in a rush these days, sometimes even during solo intimate endeavors. Don’t forget to take your time and allow your sex toys to do what they were made to do: pleasure you and your partner without too much assistance from you. Sex doesn’t need to be rushed, complicated or laborious. Communicate with your partner. Talk about what does and doesn’t feel good. Listen to each other and learn to read body language as well. Use lubrication with your toys if necessary and of course, have fun!

Don’t forget the clean up

Once the fun stops, it’s easy to forget about your toys. Before that vibrator or cockring goes back into the toy chest, make sure to give everything a thorough cleaning.

Sex toys can be cleaned with an antibacterial soap, or a specialized cleanser. Others, depending on their material, can also be boiled for short periods to clean and sanitize them. If you’re unsure of how to properly clean and care for your toys, consult the manufacturer. Your toys should be cleaned before and after every use. By doing so, you reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Proper care, cleaning and storage of your sex toys also guarantees you’ll have them for years to come.