Enhancement Supplements & Creams

The right enhancement product can not only boost confidence but make for a long-lasting, pleasure-filled evening. Galaxy Adult Boutique offers supplements in addition to oils and tightening creams. No matter who you are planning to spend an intimate moment with, we can offer you the right products for you and your partner’s success and satisfaction.

Arousal Supplements

A little something extra to arouse you can complete a night between you and your partner. You can go directly to our online store and search arousal to find what you need.

Tightening Creams

Tightening creams for women are a sought-after product that can bring a fulfilling sexual experience to both partners.  Tightening creams for women can be a great way for women to feel tighter and to make their pleasure more easily attainable.


Oils are another product that can enhance your experience in the bedroom, and they should not be overlooked. The right massage oil can be a lovely addition to spice up your foreplay routine and can be the perfect sensation to liven up the skin before you and your partner step into increased intimacy.

Desensitizing creams

Your intimate experiences are more about the journey than the destination. Desensitizing creams can be the perfect addition to an evening in to keep you from reaching completion too soon.

Galaxy Adult Boutique hopes to offer you a complete experience

Don’t forget that a great compliment to any of these products can be the right film or outfit to get your evening started off right, and to keep it moving in the right direction. We are always here to help you find what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us, or to come into our store today. We are happy to help you find what you need.