Lubes & Lotions

At Galaxy Adult Boutique, our products bring couples romantic evenings and sexy gifts. Our massage oils and candles often accessorize the perfect evening, while our lubes and lotions help couples connect, making it climactic.

We are happy to be able to offer many of these products in a variety of sizes, as well. As our team seeks to accommodate clients of all backgrounds and with a broad-range of sexual preferences. We are proud to carry organic and all-natural lubes, and we look forward to helping educate our clients about our products. When looking to dive into lube-use for the first time, it’s important to know what will work best for your sexual practices and situation.

Which lube is best for my partner and me?

When it comes to your personal sexual preferences, a lube can make a world of difference to you and your partner’s pleasure. At Galaxy Adult Boutique, we are happy to offer water-based, silicone-based, organic and all-natural lubes to our clients. It’s important to consider your personal preferences and tastes, the kind of protection that you and your partner use, in addition to the toys you may or may not use during intercourse when selecting the right kind of lube.

Water-based lube

Water-based lube is one of the best options out there, being accommodating to use with most toys and condoms.

Silicone-based lube

Silicone-base lubes are becoming quite popular for couples, and they are great lubes to use in areas that may not naturally lubricate. While silicone lubes are not good for oral sex and cause silicone toys to break down, some couples may prefer them for intercourse, especially since they are great for use with condoms. Our team at Galaxy Adult Boutique is always ready to help clients find exactly what they are looking for. Please contact us or visit the boutique, and we will help you find the silicone lube that you seek!

Oil-based lube

Oil-based lubes can be great for slippery fun, especially with a committed partner, since oil-based lubes ruin latex. For couples who are privy to oil-based lubrication, they can check out our oil-based offerings here.

Organic and all-natural lubes

If your concerned about the ingredients in some lubes, practice veganism or have organic interests, try an organic or all-natural lube to get the night going! Our organic lubes are popular and paraben-free. Our vegan options are adored by our clients, and allow for socially-conscious lubrication while giving attention to women’s sexual security.

As always, the experts at Galaxy Adult Boutique are ready to help clients exactly what they are looking for, especially as our team hopes to respond to specific needs and values.

We are happy to offer our clients ever-popular water and silicone-based lubes, in addition to flavoredwarming and cooling lubes. Never hesitate to ask us for help when it comes to searching for the right lube for you!

Massage oils

Massage oils can be the perfect addition to your partner’s desired touch. At Galaxy Adult Boutique, we want to help you work toward a climactic evening, full of comfort as well as desire. 


Candles can often be the perfect amount of lighting, and set the mood just right, to get a sexy night started off right. Galaxy Adult Boutique’s diverse candle assortment can certainly accommodate you and your partner, no matter what your tastes or preferences. Our boutique offers extensive candle types, including:

  • Aphrodisiac and pheromone infused candles
  • Edible candle heart massage oil candles
  • Other sexy scented and themed candles
  • Massage oil candles
  • Vegan candles

At Galaxy Adult Boutique, we strive to offer a wide-array of candles that allows us to exceed the expectations of clients who come from all cultures and walks of life.

Pair Galaxy Adult Boutique’s lubes and lotions with our other great products! Read on for some great mix-and-match suggestions for your preferred lube from our team.

Lube & Toys

It’s important to remember that not all lubes will work with the toys that you are going to be using in the bedroom. When giving a gift, or planning an evening together, giving your partner a toy that works well with or compliments the lube that you love to use together can really show you partner that you care to go the extra mile – and that you want to continue to go there together. Consider pairing a lube with a functional and complimentary toy and be blissfully taken away.

Candles & Lingerie

As many couples know, the right kind of lingerie can be a truly lovely addition to a sensual evening, especially to establish the mood. Consider pairing your preferred lingerie with candles of your choice, as well. These two items pair wonderfully together and can also be great when gifted together as you show your partner how much you truly care about setting the stage for your time together. Dim the lights, and together, the mood is perfect for you and your partner to enjoy each other’s company.

Massage oils & Enhancement

Sometimes just the sight or touch of your loved one can be enough to get excited for the evening. When it’s not, a massage with the right oil followed by intercourse with enhancement can be the ideal sensual series for a fulfilling night with your partner. Consider gifting these items as a pair or planning a night around them.