Doc Johnson

Founded in 1976, Doc Johnson is a sex toy manufacturer that has spent the last 40+ years perfecting their craft. While many sex toy manufacturers have moved their operations overseas, Doc Johnson has based itself in Sunny California. View our entire selection of Doc Johnson products.

Keeping operations in the United States allows the dedicated team at Doc Johnson to personally ensure the quality of their products. This also ensures expedient shipping and a guarantee of excellence with all of their products.

Doc Johnson sex toys

Over the years Doc Johnson has amassed a massive catalog of sex novelty items designed to meet the needs of millions of customers. These products include:  

Most popular seller

Out of all of the sex toys offered by Doc Johnson, it’s the 8″ Realistic Dong that takes the cake for most popular seller of all time. Fans love this product because of its simple, yet high-quality design. Simply put, if you take care of your Doc Johnson sex toys the right way, they can give you pleasure for years to come.

What sets Doc Johnson toys apart from the rest?

What makes Doc Johnson sex toys so special, and why has this brand lasted for more than four decades? Well, that’s an easy one.  

Doc Johnson takes pride in the grade A material they use to make their sex toys. These include:  

  • TRUESKYN – Health grade silicone that recreates the sensation of actual skin, right down to the emulation of body temperature.  
  • SECONDSKYN – Silicone that’s amazingly soft and flexible, giving way to touch without offering the slightest bit of resistance. Perfect when you’re looking for a toy with a lifelike feel.  
  • FIRMSKYN – Yet another silicone type used in one of Doc Johnson’s more popular lines. FIRMSKYN is also known for its lifelike look and feel.  
  • ULTRASKYN – The ultimate experience for those looking for a realistic product. ULTRASKYN feels very much like the real thing and is used in Doc Johnson’s higher-end sex toys.  

Picking the brand that deserves your attention

With its experience and reputation for producing some of the highest quality sex toys in the industry, Doc Johnson products are a sound investment for anyone looking for a bit of naughty fun. With a massive collection to choose from you certainly won’t be disappointed you decided to go with Doc Johnson sex toys and adult novelty items!