Why You Should Consider Edible Underwear & other Edible Sex Toys

Why not have some fun and satisfy all kinds of cravings with your partner? Some of the most successful sex products on the market have a silly side—if you’re going to let a vibrating “bunny” bring you to climax, why not slide into some candy pants and see how that hits the spot? Candypants, by the way, is the original product name from edible underwear’s debut in 1975.

Food and sex have always been intertwined in their ability to satiate and gratify. From swirly candy-colored dildos to gummy bear vibrators , the novelty of candy-themed toys and edible lingerie infuses that pleasure with mischief and fun. After all, you can’t help but feel a little devious when you or your partner has gummies, licorice, or brightly-colored candies on in place of their usual bra and undies. It’s creative, too, as sex and candy should be: with options like apple-flavored crotchless panties, the sky’s the limit. 

edible underwear and other sex toys

Candy Lingerie can Boost Confidence and Increase Pleasure  

The right kind of lingerie feels sexy and fun. Sometimes, it allows us to slip into a persona we might not normally acknowledge or simply escape life’s daily grind altogether. The novelty and mystery in presenting ourselves in new ways can be a real turn-on, even if that means you’ve got candy beads across your nipples. Consider the senses you can stimulate with edible lingerie: 

  • the taste and smell of sugar 
  • different textures on your skin or in your mouth 
  • the sensation of putting them on 
  • playing with them 
  • taking (or of course, eating) them back off

Edible lingerie won’t break the bank, either: you can snag a pair of watermelon male undies or a Dicky Charms candy necklace * (with penis-shaped sweets) for under $10. If it feels good, tastes good, or makes you laugh, try it! Afterall, isn’t that half the fun of sexual intimacy? 

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously 

Edible undies can feel downright silly, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Almost anyone who’s willing to branch out sexually knows that pleasure is the end goal. That’s why we’ll lick, nibble, play, perform, and dress up and down for each other and ourselves. It’s why some of us will even (drumroll please) wear gummy candy teeth to go down on our partners or pull out all the stops with candy-heart-themed anal plugs. You may end up getting a good laugh when you try edible lingerie, and that’s sexy, too. And just in case you were worried, most gummy undies are low-carb and one-size-fits-all. From there, it’s your call if they’re an appetizer or dessert—whatever hits the spot for you. 

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