Fleshlight: The Premiere Men’s Sex Toy

Since 1998, men have enjoyed the anatomical familiarity of the Fleshlight. For over those 20+ years, it has become the number one best-selling male sex toy. Much of its success points to the universal appeal of realistic penetration. 

Fleshlights come in all kinds of varieties, but their common factor is the Real Feel Super Skin® sleeve. The product has an opening—modeled to imitate a vagina, mouth, or anus—that the user can penetrate with their penis, and the “super skin” inside provides a sensation meant to feel like penetrative sex. 

The toy comes in a canister shape resembling a classic flashlight, about ten inches long, making it discreet and ergonomically handy. The Fleshlight’s insertable length is 9.5 inches, and most of them can accommodate a girth of up to seven inches. 

Fleshlight male masturbator

Which Fleshlight is Right for Me? 

Not all orifices are created equally! While the foundational qualities of the Fleshlight appeal to any man seeking sexual pleasure through penetration, users have plenty of options for customization.  

Additionally, these toys come in models resembling a multitude of skin colors and anatomical variations. 

  • Men hoping to increase stamina can benefit from the Stamina Training Units, which help with premature ejaculation and performance anxiety. 
  • Fleshlight also offers value packs that include cleaning solution, water-based lubricants, and shower mounts. 

Other variations of this male masturbator include an array of textures, inner sleeves (ribbed, smooth, and so much more) and even vibrating options. 

Fleshlight male sex toy value pack

How to Use a Fleshlight 

Using a Fleshlight is easy and meant to replicate the feeling of sexual intercourse. The user simply penetrates the toy and does what feels best to experience climax. The easy-to-manage design allows men to try it in all kinds of positions:  

  • Sitting 
  • Lying down 
  • Standing 
  • Even in the shower! 

As with any sex toy, it’s important to make sure the product is clean before use. Also, using a water-based lubricant for ease of penetration and all-around comfort is always a good idea. The materials are extremely durable and high-quality, so a little (or a lot) of lube won’t hurt a thing. Make sure to clean your Fleshlight after every use. 

How Do I Clean & Care for my Fleshlight? 

These toys will last a lifetime with the right care, and it’s super easy to keep your Fleshlight looking as good as new.   

Lots of Fleshlights come in packs with cleaner and lube, but any toy cleaner will do the trick. Try a spray-on antibacterial cleaner or an ultra-easy cleaner that needs just five seconds to clean your goods. After each use, simply rinse your product, apply a toy cleaner according to its instructions, and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow your toy to dry before storing it. 

Break the Stigma Around Male Sex Toys & Have Some Fun!

Over twenty years of incredible success for the Fleshlight means that men aren’t letting any sex toy stigma stand in their way—and neither should you! Besides feeling great, there are other benefits to giving this toy a go. Its realistic feel allows men to fulfill sexual fantasies and achieve pleasure however they like and at any time. Imagine having complete control to meet your needs. We know that no toy will fully replace the feeling of sexual intercourse with a partner—but the Fleshlight can even make that better by increasing stamina and performance. Men can practice new techniques to make the real deal even sexier. It’s also safe. No STDs. No pregnancies. Just pleasure. Find your best fit at Galaxy Adult boutique and let the fun begin.